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What are dealers saying about AQ OrderStatus?

Why should you participate in AQ OrderStatus?

We need to have active conversations with factory personnel regarding technology initiatives and encourage everyone to strive for the mark of 'exceptional manufacturer'.

Brad Pierce

Restaurant Equipment World

Automating the expediting function all dealers perform will save significant dollars not only for Wasserstrom, but the entire industry, manufacturers and dealers alike.

Brad Wasserstrom

The Wasserstrom Company

I'm truly excited our industry is taking the first step toward creating a unified data interchange platform that will benefit everyone in the channel.

Joe Schmitt

Rapids Foodservice

317 Reps

1,497 Dealers

Participating Manufacturers

Who uses AQ OrderStatus?

210 Manufacturers

AQ OrderStatus

AQ OrderStatus, a FEDA Initiative

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AQ OrderStatus

With $40 million in purchase orders passing through the distribution channel each day, there is a need for a cloud-based repository for order status.

AQ OrderStatus is the solution. 

The foodservice equipment industry lacks a uniform and convenient method of collecting and displaying order status information. It is communicated across multiple, fragmented channels with no standard format. With $40 million in orders each day, it is a daunting task. For dealers, 20% of their day is spent chasing this mundane order data. The cost is even higher for manufacturers, with an estimated 50% of calls to customer service being order status related.

AQ OrderStatus is the simple, easy-to-use solution.

By aggregating order status data from all Manufacturers in one place, AQ OrderStatus allows dealers and reps to track all of their orders in AutoQuotes. All parties involved benefit from the time, and in turn money, saved by reducing customer service calls and emails. 


How many manufacturers are participating in AQ OrderStatus?

How does it work?

It is easy to get started with AQ OrderStatus. We will be begin by reaching out to show you how it works.

The setup is quick and we will work with you to create a nightly file to update order status. Dealers and Reps will then see your orders in AQ OrderStatus.

View more detailed instructions for manufacturers here

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